On the Road

Siam Road Safety is the sole distributor in Thailand for Hofmann Road Marking Technology GmbH, located in Rellingen, Germany.

Hofmann Road Marking Technology is with 60 years of experience, the worldleader in roadmarking systems.


Falch waterjet systems from Germany is another worldleader we represent in SE Asia. They specialize in high pressure cleaning systems
with many possibilities such as line removing and cleaning of all kind of surfaces, ships, buildings etc.  
Siam Road Safety is also the sole distributor in SE Asia of the new GITD (Glow In The Dark) products from the Netherlands.

Numerous innovative articles such as solar roadsigns, speedbumps, rubber roundabouts, kerbings and much more are also available at Siam
Road Safety.  

Off the Road 

Siam Road Safety also cares for your safety "off the road" as sole distributor in Thailand from revolutionary new products from the Netherlands
to create a safer environment. 

We offer you:
  • -A wide range of choices
  • - High quality machines
  • -The latest technologies
  • -The best service

'Siam Road Safety is your reliable partner for more safety on and off the road'