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Police and security services use video surveillance to help solve serious crime. Video surveillance is an excellent means of collecting evidence but it has one disadvantage; watching the many hours of footage is time consuming and demands the utmost concentration from police and security personnel. AVACS 5 enables them to analyse the material efficiently and with focus.
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Video surveillance can provide crucial evidence when it comes to serious crimes such as murder, drug dealing, arms trafficking, human trafficking and terrorism. As video images cannot be refuted, they can be the evidence that leads to a breakthrough in a case. hundreds of hours of video footage.


 In order to produce hard evidence, your team secretly films a suspicious location for weeks on end. The result after only one week is 168 hours of video footage  and the time-consuming, tedious task of filtering through the footage to find the critical evidence. Yet for these types of cases there's always pressure put on the investigating team to get the video footage analysed as quickly as possible. It's a far from ideal situation as it increases chances for mistakes being made.

 Hours become Minutes Avacs2

AVACS 5's visual intelligence means investigators can quickly search through video material. It enables them to analyse the footage specifically, with their human skills of perception merging seamlessly with the program's strengths. With AVACS 5, you can search for a specific focus. For instance, by setting a door as a region of interest, the program will register all movements in and around the area of the door. The program then summarizes all the movements that satisfy the given criteria for the region such as size, duration and direction. It means numerous hours of video can be viewed in a fraction of the time.


This is what the experts and users say about AVACS 5:


"When it comes to video, it's a case of receiving

the footage today and preferably having it viewed and analyzed by yesterday.

Of course even AVACS 5 doesn't make that possible, but it's not far off.

AVACS 5 saves us a lot of time and square eyes. And it's good that the program is

also straightforward to use, so anyone can operate it.

And there's a user platform that brings us, the users, and ZiuZ together each month.

If we have any additional needs or requirements, we can quickly get in touch with the software developer.

Which means we're actively involved in fine-tuning AVACS 5."


Digital investigator, Central Division of the National Police of the Netherlands


Fast, efficient and focused search through video footage


AVACS 5 enables your investigating team to look through hours of video material in just minutes. By setting specific search criteria they can decide exactly what they want to see and where they want to look. The summary of the footage then only includes those moments when there's really something to see.
Integrates into the full work process from copying to reporting


AVACS 5 is integrated into the whole investigative process, form copying to reporting. And you can opt to include additional hardware for the automated reading, copying and distribution of footage.
Compatible with nearly all types of recorders
Police and security services work with a variety of recorders. One of the advantages of AVACS 5 is that it is compatible with nearly all the different systems, so you're always able to use it.


Straightforward to use
AVACS 5 works logically so only a brief instruction is needed before getting on with the work. And it means there's no need for the investigative team to have specific technical knowledge. What's more, the same video footage can be worked on by several investigators simultaneously from different locations.
High level of service
The world is changing constantly and technology develops fast. This means AVACS 5 is also in continuous development, and we work closely with police and security services across the globe to take AVACS 5 further. If you have any questions or comments, you can always contact us.