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First Day and Night camera with
incredible clear Images


Strix Camera Specifications


Strix is a state of the art camera combining the power of military night vision with best in class color imaging supported by unrivalled image processing running on a powerful Linux platform. The camera outputs a standard and easy to interface digital HDMI signal and requires less than 3 Watts of power to provide true 24 hours of the highest quality video. From true starlight to full sunlight and everything in between. The camera has Canon EF-lens support and because of the wide dynamic range sensor and video synchronized high voltage supply the night vision image is without motion blur or degrading contrasts.


Day channel

- 4 megapixel full color sensor, full HD or
  [1024 * 1024 for wider viewing angle]
- Very low noise, live video down to 8 mlux faceplate illumination
- Pixel size 5.5 µm yields 12.1 mm diagonal at full-HD or [15.9 at 1K * 1K]
- Auto gain and auto focus
- Spectral response: 350 - 700 nm (up to 1 µm depending on the type of NIR filtering)
- 10 bits coding depth


Night channel

- Military grade XR5 or XD-4 image intensifier, monochrome
- Video synchronized high voltage supply with auto-gain and auto-gating feature. Preserves image quality and tube lifetime.
- High quality 4 µm optical fiber coupling
-  Wide Dynamic Range image sensor with SXGA resolution (1280 * 1024). The special pixel architecture captures the image intensifier vast dynamic range in the    same way the naked eye would.
- Pixel size of 10.6 µm results in 17.4 mm active diagonal
- Spectral response 400 - 900 nm
- Detection limit at live video (24 fps) is 1.8 µlux or 0.0000018 lux on faceplate
- Virtually no noise introduction, less than 0.25 µlux
of equivalent background illumination.
Image capturing is truly shot-noise limited.
- 10 bits coding depth


- Full-HD micro HDMI output [and ruggedized all in one cable]
- Channel select through motorized mirror with accurate positioning control

- FPGA architecture ensures fast and powerful on-the-fly image processing at very low power consumption.
- Linux sub-system provides network and USB connectivity. Linux hosts a embedded web-server in which the user can apply and change scene dependent settings    such as auto-focus area(s), rules regarding the day/night channel switch, lens diaphragm settings and so further.
- [Preview display on the back of the camera for easy scene setup]
- [Breakaway connector for blind connector insertion during covert setup]
- Auto-focus and auto-diaphragm control on Canon EF mount lenses
- Wide input voltage range from 12 - 36 Volts, power less than 3 Watt (network inactive)
- Weight < 700 grams, no lens.
- External dimensions without lens:
  (with * height * depth) 82 * 92 * 92 mm
- Operating temperature range: - 20°C to +60°C
- Storage temperature range: - 25°C to +65°C