Preheater D- / ID range

Technical Data

Hofmann Preheater D- / ID Datasheet







Vertical preheaters are heated directly (without heat transfer oil) or inderectly (with heat transfer oil) by gas or oil burners (24V or 230V)

  • Heated central column to increase the heating surface. Core of the material filling cannot rotate.
  • Top-driven agitator, agitator shaft mounten in central column. No seals exposed to material, removal of agitator shaft possible, even if the preheater is filled and material is cold. Suitable for high level of torgue.
  • Optimum access to the inside. Comfortable cleaning by means of complete removal of top section.


Info Heating

Direct Heating 

This method of heating ensures the greatest melting capacity.

However, the danger of overheating in the melting pot requires you to monitor the heatling closely for melting temperature, filling level and agitator operation.

Indirect Heating

A heat transmission oil bath encloses the melting pot to ensure a uniform heat transmission and gentle heating without local overheating in the melting bath.

Suitable for sensitive melting material and ideal if you wish to rely entirely on the temperature control system.